If you are over 50, it is highly likely you will experience cataracts of the eye. Like most baby boomers, you want to remain active and healthy, but did you know that cataract surgery often eliminates the need for glasses or contact lenses giving you more freedom than before cataract surgery. Using a new laser called the femtosecond laser the experienced eye surgeons at Specialty Eye Institute create precisely centered and shaped incisions for each patient.

The femtosecond laser, helps soften the cataract for easier removal. Then because the incision is precise, a new lens is inserted to create a customized vision for each patient. For some patients, this may mean choosing monofocal vision or correcting astigmatism.

The eye surgeons at Specialty Eye Institute were the first to bring the femtosecond laser to Michigan – that makes them the most experienced users of this new technology. But they didn’t stop there. Currently, Specialty Eye Institute offers the lowest cost for femtosecond laser surgery so that more patients can enjoy the benefits of customized vision.

*Results may vary. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks.