Since our inception in 1978 by Paul Ernest, M.D., Specialty Eye Institute has upheld a standard of excellence in medical eye care.  Upholding this standard means being at the forefront of technology in the eye care industry.  Specialty Eye Institute has done just that by being the first in Michigan to have the LenSx® Laser for customized vision, and the first surgeon to use the iStent® for eye pressure. By being focused on the future of eye care, Specialty Eye Institute is able to bring the latest technology to patients today.

Being Leaders in the eye care industry is a position we take seriously.  At Specialty Eye Institute, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve.  We do this by taking an active role in medical eye research, and by mastering the latest technology, so we can offer our patients the best treatments and outcomes available.  As eye care leaders, we continue to learn, develop and enhance all we do.  Most importantly, we position ourselves as leaders because it allows us to provide the most advanced care for our patients.

Specialty Eye Institute is a comprehensive medical eye care provider. Our doctors work alongside your optometrists to ensure that all of your eye health needs are addressed with care and consideration. Specialty Eye Institute’s comprehensive eye care services include: