Specialty Eye Institute Offers New Technology for Cataract Patients


cataract surgeryThe surgeons at Specialty Eye Institute we are able to provide patients with a new technology to customize cataract surgery. Specialty Eye Institute, formerly TLC Eyecare & Laser Centers, is the first in Northwest Ohio to offer this technology to patients. The procedure involves an intraoperative wavefront technology that allows the surgeon to take close to 40 measurements in a matter of seconds.

This data is used to customize the optimal lens power and can provide better visual outcomes for many patients. “I have been waiting for a technology like ORA to come along and feel this will allow me to further improve my results after cataract surgery, allowing more patients to see well without glasses.” states Dr. Ronald Brown. This technology is especially useful for patients with more difficult lens calculations such as those who previously had LASIK and now require cataract surgery.

Specialty Eye Institute offers comprehensive eye care services at 12 locations throughout Michigan and Ohio. Treatments include cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye care, lid surgery and laser vision correction.

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