Many Individuals Needlessly Lose Sight or Even Go Blind Because They Did Not Have Treatment for This Condition



A common myth is that “My vision is great so my eyes must be healthy.” Unfortunately, there are many individuals who needlessly lose sight or even go blind because they did not have treatment for conditions such as glaucoma. Glaucoma’s referred to as the silent thief, because it’s like carbon monoxide. It’s odorless, it’s tasteless and it’s dangerous. With early detection and treatment, the risk of losing sight from glaucoma can be greatly reduced or eliminated. Classic glaucoma is when the pressure in the eye goes up high and that high pressure damages the optic nerve or the cable that connects the eye to the brain.

There are many other types of glaucoma as well, but most patients with glaucoma are treated with drops, although some will even need to go on for laser treatments or surgery. Fortunately, glaucoma_vision_loss the treatments are improving. Especially our surgical options with a recovery time and the post-operative risk having been greatly reduced. Remember, with early detection, we can prevent loss of sight from glaucoma. Please get those yearly eye exams.


Kevin Lavery, M.D.
Cataract & Refractive Specialist