A Guide to Cataract Care

A Guide to Cataract Care


To help you make a more informed decision about cataract surgery, the cataract specialists and Specialty Eye Institute have put together this helpful guide.

Cataract surgery options include advanced lens implants that can help you see both near and far, as well as treat your astigmatism. Options also include the introduction of laser-assisted cataract surgery and laser astigmatism correction that allow surgeons to fine-tune your result during your actual procedure.

Choosing the right technology, the right intraocular lens implant (IOL) and the right surgeon for your cataract procedure can dramatically enhance your vision to match your lifestyle.

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Offering Same Day Cataract Surgery

Typically cataract surgery requires multiple visits for your consultation, 1st eye procedure, 2nd eye procedure, and follow-up visits. Specialty Eye Institute now offers same-day surgery options for patients, allowing the consultation and surgery for your 1st eye all in one day.

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